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REBOOT : Friday November 2, 2018 : 11:49 AM

Had to reboot. Sorry. Back soon

Server DDOS Attack : Monday October 1, 2018 : 10:15 PM

Our servers have been located at Edge Web Hosting for about 15 years and they are a great company. They are now called DataBank.

Over the weekend, they experienced a very severe Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack which affected all of their servers (and ours). Almost immediately, EdgeWeb implemented a number of new protections. These were successful in countering the attack, however, some of these measures resulted in denying access to our sites from a few legitimate Plymouth Rocket clients.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. If you are among those who are currently having trouble reaching EventKeeper or TixKeeper (or any other of our applications), please call any of us at 855.365.5000 or use our contact form and send us your computer's IP address (to find it, use e.g. We will work to whitelist your IP as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and your help.

Server Reboot : Tuesday September 4, 2018 : 12:40 PM

Our apologies. We had to reboot the server a bit ago. Some of you would have experienced down time and we're sorry about that.

New Web Site : Monday March 19, 2018 : 08:04 AM

New version of our web site ( going live this morning. We have tested it a lot but please let us know if you have any problems.

DOWN TIME : Monday February 12, 2018 : 10:58 PM

Today was a tough day for Plymouth Rocket software. We were making some changes to accommodate an authentication change for one of our library system clients and several things went wrong all at once. So we were down for way too long. We're up again. Our apologies.

Server Glitch : Friday November 17, 2017 : 10:08 AM

We had gotten warnings that the EventKeeper/TixKeeper server was low on disk space but I was really busy so I put off dealing with that issue. Mistake. Disk space was so low this morning that it caused some problems. I freed up space on that server's hard drive and all is well again. My apologies.

SERVER STATUS : Wednesday September 6, 2017 : 02:31 PM

Okay, we are up and running again. We are very sorry for the trouble.

AND while we were troubleshooting, I decided to upload a couple of changes to the way things work. I know you would rather hear about these beforehand but, with the server down, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

The biggest change is that now we are using a secure connection whenever you are logged in - which you see as the protocol https://. We are keeping up with the trend of using secure connections more and more often; for administrators, for some authentication schemes and for some web sites.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

SERVER STATUS : Wednesday September 6, 2017 : 11:35 AM

My first guess is that we may be under some sort of denial of service attack. Server is unavailable. We are working on it.

Server Updates : Friday August 11, 2017 : 10:44 AM

This morning, 8/11/2017, things are looking good. We installed a number of needed updates to the servers and I am optimistic.

Server Progress : Thursday August 10, 2017 : 02:42 PM

Some clients are still seeing slowness, particularly with TixKeeper. We are installing some updates to the server tonight. We will need to reboot the server between 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM EST but service should only be unavailable for about 5 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

Server Updates : Thursday August 10, 2017 : 01:30 PM

Yes, we are having trouble with the server this morning. We are working on it as hard as we can. Stay tuned for updates.

TOO MANY REMINDERS : Tuesday July 25, 2017 : 01:00 PM

Our new ability to send text reminders for pass reservations is really catching on. 10,000 texts sent so far this month. That's the good news. The bad news is that when we are sending those texts, the server slows down. For now, we will send out reminders before and after regular business hours as we work out a better way to do it. So, that's why the server was slow and we rebooted this morning. Unanticipated growing pains. We apologize for for the inconvenience.

MAINTENANCE : Monday July 10, 2017 : 08:47 PM

Sorry for the short notice but we are installing new monitoring software on the servers tonight and may need to reboot a couple of times over the next couple of hours. Total downtime should not be long but your service may be interrupted. Our apologies - but it is for a good cause.

Server Restart : Wednesday July 5, 2017 : 11:26 AM

We have had to restart the servers. Sorry.

Server Reboot : Thursday June 1, 2017 : 02:12 PM

Sorry. Unscheduled reboot took the server offline for a few minutes. I don't think it's related to yesterday's release but we're looking into it. Very heavy traffic today due in part to lots of Summer Reading programs starting on June 1.

Software Update - May 31, 2017 : Wednesday May 31, 2017 : 06:40 AM

We are updating EK/TK/MARS this morning. The update removes some debugging statements but otherwise shouldn't affect anyone that hasn't already been talking to us about changes. Best regards, Ric

Server Reboot : Thursday February 9, 2017 : 04:12 PM

Problem with server called for an unscheduled reboot. Should be up again in a few minutes. Sorry

TK - AutoPurge : Thursday January 19, 2017 : 01:19 PM

PROBLEM. There was a problem with the nightly auto purging of old and coupon passes. Not all were being deleted. In working on this yesterday, more passes than should have been were deleted. My bad.

I restored all the passes that I could using the database backup but there were some passes, booked yesterday which I could not restore. I knew they were there so I created "placeholder" reservations under the name PLYMOUTH ROCKET.

If you have been getting pass reservation confirmation emails, you can edit the placeholders with better information. If not, just give the pass to a patron that shows up with the confirmation page.

My deep apologies for the inconvenience.

Server is Back : Monday August 29, 2016 : 12:45 PM

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server Problem : Monday August 29, 2016 : 12:25 PM

We're working on it.

DNS Servers : Friday April 3, 2015 : 10:43 AM

RESOLVED: I neglected to send out a note last night when this was resolved. I was able to reach again by about 9 PM.

DOMAIN NAME UNRESOLVED : Thursday April 2, 2015 : 08:35 PM

The nameservers that are responsible for resolving requests to visit are located at and they appear to be down. I have changed to new nameservers but that will take a little while to propogate depending on caching at various points around the internet. If you'd like, you can get to the EventKeeper site using the ip address = I know that doesn't help your patrons but if you want to view or edit, it's a temporary fix.

Server Restored : Tuesday December 23, 2014 : 11:09 AM

Finally, the servers are back up. Our apologies for the down time. We had a big jump in data from some newer clients and we managed to confuse the database. My bad.

SQL Server Problem : Tuesday December 23, 2014 : 09:08 AM

Yes, the server is down. It's a SQL problem but it affects the whole site. We're working as fast as we can to fix it. Sorry.

MAINTENANCE COMPLETE : Wednesday March 26, 2014 : 11:03 PM

We actually finished up around 10 PM but have been testing since then. Everything looks good but we'll be testing more tomorrow. And please let us know if you see any problems.

NOTICE of MAINTENANCE : Wednesday March 26, 2014 : 01:14 PM

We need to make some changes to the databases tonight, starting at 8:30 PM. We should be back up by 11:00 PM but all applications will be unavailable during that time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for understanding.

Hacker Attacks : Monday February 24, 2014 : 03:47 PM

Hacker attacks from somewhere in both China AND Russia today. No damage but they have been using up a lot of our bandwidth banging on the door, resulting in some slowness for EK especially. We have now specifically blacklisted several IPs which should help.

Network Connection : Thursday December 12, 2013 : 04:14 PM

Switch replacement completed about an hour ago. All is well.
Problem identified as a failed switch in the network. The item is being replaced now.
Problem with the network connections between our servers and the outside world.

Email Problem Resolved : Monday September 16, 2013 : 06:48 AM

We had some problems with Plymouth Rocket email yesterday. We are all set now but if you sent us email on Sunday we might not have received it. If you could resend it, that would be much appreciated.

Server Slow - Fine Now : Monday July 8, 2013 : 10:53 AM

Lots of extra traffic, mostly from Summer Reading programs, this morning at 10 AM. Had to restart the SQL server. All is fine now and we're looking into ways to streamline the slow tasks.

All Good : Tuesday May 28, 2013 : 10:31 AM

Looks like the server connections were being overloaded by traffic that included one of our new applications.

We're back up.

Thanks for your patience.

Admin Page Error : Saturday March 30, 2013 : 11:06 AM

I was tinkering with the EK/TK Admin Page this morning and I broke it. All set again now. Sorry.

Cold Fusion Hiccup : Tuesday March 26, 2013 : 11:02 AM

Had to restart the Cold Fusion server. Sorry.

COMCAST RESOLVED : Thursday January 3, 2013 : 10:56 AM

Everyone should have access to again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

COMCAST SIDENOTE : Thursday January 3, 2013 : 10:51 AM

This site,, does not use Comcast to get to the EventKeeper site. So this page thinks everything is fine. Hence the green button below.

COMCAST ISSUE : Thursday January 3, 2013 : 10:45 AM

There is a problem with a Comcast link between some of our clients and our servers. Only Comcast users (and not all of them) are affected. We are working on it by rerouting the traffic. I'll keep you posted.

OKAY : Tuesday July 24, 2012 : 07:56 PM

No known issues

Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties with any of our applications.


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