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Plymouth Rocket is here to serve you.

Plymouth Rocket is here to serve you.

What is Plymouth Rocket?

We are a web application software company that serves libraries, schools, churches, cities & towns, and much more. Our affordable and easy-to-use solutions empower our customers to focus their resources on serving their community instead of their overhead. Our world-class team is here to support your organization's event management, web calendar, and equipment reservation needs.

What is Plymouth Rocket's mission?

Our mission is simple: to design, develop, and bring to market affordable web applications that are powerful, responsive, and easy to use. We believe in providing a high level of service for every Plymouth Rocket customer and will work with you to solve the challenges you need to solve so you can continue to serve your community.

What solutions does Plymouth Rocket offer?

Plymouth Rocket offers a number of solutions to choose from based on your organization's needs:

  • EventKeeper

  • TixKeeper

  • KitKeeper

  • EK Registration

  • EK Rooms

  • Patron Authentication

Our solutions are used by thousands of organizations to help with event management, reservations, and class registration.  

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