Plymouth Rocket Will See You at the 2022 New York Library Association Conference

Plymouth Rocket Will See You at the 2022 New York Library Association Conference

Plymouth Rocket is excited to return to this year's New York Library Association Conference. We always look forward to continuing education opportunities, networking, and making professional connections.

As a trusted partner of libraries across the state, we aim to continue providing New York libraries with the affordability, responsiveness, and service you expect from Plymouth Rocket. Come meet us at our booth and say hello to the friendly faces behind the industry standard in library technology.

Will we see you in Saratoga Springs? Get in touch with Plymouth Rocket today and set up a meeting with us while you are in town. We can't wait for the opportunity to connect with you and help optimize your library's website with Plymouth Rocket. See you there!

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Updated: Oct 31

Whether it is mobile hot spots, e-readers, STEM kits, programming kits, or a Library of Things, Plymouth Rocket offers two software solutions to help manage special item collections.

Our museum pass software TixKeeper, and our book club software KitKeeper, can both manage special collections for you. There are benefits to using TixKeeper or KitKeeper based on what you need. Both programs can track reservations, send confirmations to patrons, and maintain usage statistics. Patrons can reserve items in advance while the staff can keep track of past, present, and future reservations. Both solutions provide detailed information about the devices and resources as well as availability, plus staff-only collections that can only be reserved and used by staff members.




Patrons can book in advance



Limit number of item reservations and check-outs



Add library barcode authentication and rules



Limit reservations during a window of days



Set days the library is closed for item pickup



Buffer days allowing items to be shipped between libraries



Block out same-day pickup



Include images and videos in descriptions



Staff-only collections that don't display to the public



When to use TixKeeper for resource management:

  • Collections with shorter check-out periods (often due the same day) or as long as several weeks.

  • On-the-fly checkouts or short reservation periods. Devices can be checked out for one day and returned the next in TixKeeper.

  • Items that patrons pick up from the same location they are stored. There are no built-in buffer days in TixKeeper.

  • Users interested in a mobile-friendly platform. TixKeeper is responsive and looks great on various mobile devices.

Here are some examples of libraries using TixKeeper for resource management:

Bellingham Public Library

West Islip Public Library

When to use KitKeeper for resource management:

  • Collections with checkout periods longer than a week.

  • Items that travel from one branch to another for checkout. KitKeeper has a built-in system for allowing time for transit between branches.

  • Collections that include devices, programming kits, as well as book clubs, which are bags with several copies of the same title for book club users.

  • Staff-only collections only accessible and seen by staff members. TixKeeper can also have staff-only collections, but patrons will be able to see that they exist.

Here are some examples of libraries using KitKeeper for resource management:

Sandown Public Library

South Carolina State Library

Seekonk Public Library

Looking for a simpler way to do resource management? Let us know how Plymouth Rocket can help today.

One of our core principles at Plymouth Rocket is service. Specifically, our customers deserve and expect personal service from our experienced and dedicated team.

Come meet the proud faces that help make Plymouth Rocket the industry standard for libraries, cities, towns, churches, and more:

"I am excited to serve my community so that you can better serve yours."
 Drew Fox Jordan

This week, we'd like to introduce you to Drew Fox Jordan. Drew is the newest member of the Plymouth Rocket team, starting with us in July of 2022. After helping grow an AI startup serving nonprofits, he brings a bevy of sales, marketing, and customer success experience to Plymouth Rocket's community. Experience, he says, that translates well into enabling libraries, museums, and other community-based organizations to serve their patrons better.

"One of the most rewarding aspects of my previous role was being able to help organizations with amazing causes raise the money they needed to accomplish their goal. I'm proud to be part of a team with an amazing track record serving libraries, museums, churches, and more all over the country and is recognized as the standard in the industry for event and patron management. As Plymouth Rocket's newest team member, I am excited to serve my community so that you can better serve yours."

Drew's experience spans several industries. He also worked in restaurants, as a private chef, maintained championship golf courses, and as a public address announcer. Before his startup position, he oversaw new product introductions at a leading semiconductor firm and coached collegiate volleyball. Jordan played volleyball at Emmanuel College in Boston, graduating with a Communications & Media Studies degree.

Currently, Drew spends his free time appreciating every cup of coffee, practicing mindfulness on golf courses, and tending to his surprisingly-alive garden.

He lives outside Boston with his wife and their cat, who is lovingly named Samsquanch.

Samsquanch, the cat