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20 Events Libraries Can Use to Engage Patrons

There is no one-size-fits-all event and program strategy libraries can use to serve their patrons. After all, every community is different!

Luckily here at Plymouth Rocket, we work with libraries every day to promote events and programs on their website, so we see a lot of different types of ways to fill an event calendar. We've put together a list of some of the most common (and successful!) programs we see libraries host for their communities.

For Kids:

  1. Storytime - A weekly event where children can listen to stories read by librarians or community volunteers.

  2. Crafts for Kids - An event where kids can participate in a craft project related to a theme or book they’ve read.

  3. Science Experiments - A hands-on science experiment event where kids can learn and try out different experiments.

  4. Lego Club - A weekly event where kids can build and create using legos.

  5. Puppet Show - A fun puppet show event that will entertain and engage young children.

For Adults:

  1. Book Club - A monthly book club where adults can come together to discuss a selected book.

  2. Guest Speaker Series - A speaker series that invites experts to discuss different topics such as politics, history, and health.

  3. Meditation Class - A weekly meditation class event that can help adults reduce stress and increase relaxation.

  4. Writing Workshop - A writing workshop event that focuses on a specific genre, like poetry or memoir writing.

  5. Language Exchange Program - A program that invites individuals who speak different languages to practice and learn from each other.

For Students:

  1. College Readiness Workshop - A workshop designed to help students prepare for the college application process.

  2. Homework Help - An event that offers free tutoring or homework help for students of all ages.

  3. Test Preparation Course - An event that offers test preparation courses, such as SAT or ACT, for high school students.

  4. Summer Reading Program - A program that offers incentives to students who read over the summer.

  5. College Fair - An event that brings colleges and universities to the library to discuss their programs with students.

For Community Groups:

  1. Film Screening - A screening of a film followed by a discussion led by a guest speaker.

  2. Local History Exhibit - A local history exhibit that highlights the history of the community.

  3. Senior Citizen Club - A club for senior citizens that meets regularly to socialize, play games, and discuss topics of interest.

  4. Community Garden - A community garden program that allows members of the community to work together to grow and maintain a garden.

  5. Job Search Assistance - An event that offers job search assistance, such as resume writing workshops or job fairs.


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