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How do I start a successful museum pass program?

Museum pass programs allow library patrons to borrow passes to local museums, zoos, and other cultural institutions, providing an opportunity for families and individuals to enjoy these attractions at a discounted or no cost.

How do I start a successful museum pass program?

However, starting a museum pass program can be tricky. From managing relationships with the museums to ensuring your patrons don't have to jump through hoops to get involved, keeping track of all the different moving parts can be a challenge. Lucky for you, Plymouth Rocket has you covered.

Launching a museum pass program this year? Here are some tips for effectively launching and running a successful program:

Start with your partners

Determine which museums or cultural institutions you want to partner with. Consider the interests and needs of your community, as well as the distance and cost of the museum or institution.

Assess the cost

Contact the museums or institutions to inquire about their museum pass programs and any associated costs. Many museums and cultural institutions offer discounted rates or even free passes to libraries as a way to promote their institutions and encourage community engagement.

Make it easy for patrons

Set up a reservation system for patrons to borrow the passes. This can be as simple as a paper sign-out sheet or a more powerful online reservation system, such as TixKeeper.

Set your ground rules

Determine the lending policies for the museum passes, including the loan period, number of passes available, and any restrictions or exclusions.

Let your community know

Promote the museum pass program to your patrons. Consider creating flyers, social media posts, and other marketing materials to let people know about the program and how to borrow passes.

Be prepared to adjust your strategy

Track usage and feedback. Keep track of how many passes are borrowed and how often they are used, as well as any feedback from patrons. This will help you to evaluate the success of the program and make any necessary adjustments.

By following these steps, you can effectively run a museum pass program that provides an enjoyable and educational experience for your patrons.

Not sure where to start? Join the thousands of libraries nationwide that use TixKeeper to successfully manage their museum pass program.

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