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Your Guide to EventKeeper: Part 1

Here at Plymouth Rocket, our goal is to serve you so that you can better serve your communities. Part of that service is ensuring that you get the most from your subscription. In this guide, you'll learn more about how can use EventKeeper to create a seamless patron experience, find answers to common questions, and more!

How do I create an EventKeeper link that displays events with a certain keyword?

To create an EventKeeper link that will display only events that contain a certain keyword, append ?&curKey1=KEYWORD to your EK Mars URL, where KEYWORD is the keyword of the event you want to display.

For example:

If your keyword is more than one word or you want to link to a page based on multiple keywords this can get a little tricky.

Luckily, EventKeeper can create the links for you!

  • If you are logged in to EventKeeper and viewing your calendar, select the keywords you want to show up.

  • Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see a box labeled "EventKeeper Editor Information".

  • Click the button for "Make URL for EK Mars" and follow the instructions in the box that pops up and you're done!

How do I link directly to a Specific Event in EventKeeper?

First, create an event.

The URL to link directly to the event looks like the one below. Simply append a # and the Event ID to your URL.

  • EVENT ID - This number can be found on the "Editor Info" line on the event listing. You must be logged in to EventKeeper to see this number. You can also view the event ID by clicking TELL A FRIEND if enabled.

How can I add Rocket Search or the My Registrations link to my EK Mars Advanced page?

All you need to do to get Rocket Search on your EK Mars page is to include the tag for it in your template!

Here is the list of tags that you need to have on your EK Mars template page :





And here are a couple of tags that are optional!



If you include the ~my_reg_link~ tag - you will get a link on your page that says "my registrations" which allows patrons to access their registrations for events.

If you include the ~event_search~ tag - you will get a magnifying glass icon that will serve as a link to the Rocket Search page.

Include these tags after the mandatory ~event_search_criteria~ tag, then refresh your page, and boom, you're done!

Why doesn't my EK Mars calendar page reflect recent changes that have been made to my website?

Your EK Mars calendar pages will not automatically update, so if you make a change on your website that affects your template pages (which EK Mars uses) you will need to refresh your EK Mars pages!

Simply log in here with your EventKeeper login information.

Once you are logged in you will see a page that is split in two... the left side saying "Mars Page Maker" and the right saying "xPage Overview".

To refresh your pages simply click the blue "save the template" button and then the green "create the page" button! Your EK Mars calendar will now be up to date.

Why is all of the text in my calendar bold?

The general font style of your EK Mars Advanced page pulls from your template page.

If the tags you put into the template page are bold for example, all your event names and event descriptions will be bold. If they are in a certain font or italics, your event names and event descriptions will be too.

Can't find the answer you were looking for? Fill out a support request to get in touch with our team of product specialists who are happy to help!

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