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TixKeeper from Plymouth Rocket. Ticketing, museum passes, and more.

The next generation of TixKeeper introduces a highly configurable, low-cost way to offer patrons a way to reserve passes.


Highly Configurable. Fully Responsive.

TixKeeper allows patrons to reserve museum passes, secure tickets for your events, and much more at a fraction of the cost. Simplify the way you do reservations and ticketing.

Add barcodes and/or QR codes to destination passes that allow print on demand

Select custom colors, header, footer, and logo. Create different lending rules

SIP2 Protocol and ILS API options can limit reservations based on Patron Type, Zip Code, fines, etc.

See TixKeeper in action

The next generation of TixKeeper introduces a fully responsive presentation that looks great on all devices.

Visitors to a museum

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